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Welcome! you have now entered the Private Members' Gateway. If you've got this far you are likely to be a bona-fide member, however there is one last check.
Once you enter these pages you will be, automatically, permitted to edit some of the data within. -- YOU MUST PROCEED WITH CAUTION! -- If you want to edit these pages it is recommended that you to use a Lap-top or PC (something with a decent keyboard and screen-size) and not a mobile or tablet.

Right! To finally get access please enter the following data

As a member you will have full access to your own details, for modification, and will be able to add or remove your name from the 'I intend to attend this event' register. Additionally you will be permitted to add comments where the facility exists. * Only the Squire, Foreperson, Bagperson and the Public Relations Officer will be allowed to add or remove other details.*